CRIME De-Coder

Customized consulting services, focused on crime analysis for police agencies.

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Program Analysis

Is your program causing crime to go up or down? CRIME De-Coder uses state-of-the-art causal inference techniques to know how well your program is working.

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Outcome analysis for assessing policies

Predictive Analytics

Interested in identifying the best places or people to intervene at? CRIME De-Coder can forecast those people and places at highest risk.

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Predictive Analytics for Hot Spots

Process Automation

Have a regular task, like writing reports or sending/receiving data, that take up too much of your time? CRIME De-Coder writes computer code to automate laborious tasks.

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Writing Code to Automate Report Creation

Workload Analysis

Interested in seeing if your police department is using its resources wisely? CRIME De-Coder can identify the proper workload necessary to meet current demands, or improve the efficiency in which your agency tackles its crime problems.

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Workload Balanced Redistricting

Crime Analysis Training

Interested in improving your crime analysis unit? CRIME De-Coder will deliver custom training courses to crime analysts.

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Automated Reporting

Civil Litigation

Do you have a civil litigation case in which expert technical analysis is needed? CRIME De-Coder has provided analytics for various civil litigation cases in terms of racial bias, program analysis, and cost-benefit analyses.

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Cost of Crime Analysis