Live web demonstrations that CRIME De-Coder can build for your agency.

Crime Trends Dashboard

Fully automated dashboard with up to date Dallas crime trends. Tech stack: serverless dashboard using pyscript and automated daily refresh using github actions.

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Demonstration Dashboard

WDD Crime Reduction Tool

A html and javascript application to apply a statistical test CRIME De-Coder developed to estimate how many crimes were reduced in a place based intervention.

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WDD Tool

Interactive Hot Spot Map

Customized, interactive mapping applications. Tech stack: leaflet and python/folium to create customized looks and interactions.

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Interactive folium map

Have an idea for an application? CRIME De-Coder has a wide array of experience in statistical programming (python, R, Stata, SPSS), data engineering (SQL, Postgres, spark), and additional data science tools (docker, javascript, github). I can help you make your app come to life.

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