Social Network Analysis

This is a demonstration of how CRIME De-Coder can provide your agency with simple tools to conduct rigorous crime analysis.

This tool identifies individuals who you should prioritize in a focused deterrence intervention. When delivering the deterrence message, they are the ones that are placed in the optimal location to spread the message to other gang members. You can deliver the message via either call-ins, or via custom notifications.

For brief instructions, upload a Node.csv file with a format of:


And an Edge.csv file with a format of:


Then hit the Create Network Graph button. The interactive network graph will then show who was prioritized as larger red circles, and display the Node labels for individuals in the graph.

Input Data

Select Nodes CSV File:

Select Edges CSV File:


Social Network Graph

Notes: This is run entirely client side using javascript, I do not store any of the values you input into these forms. See Wheeler et al (2019), Choosing representatives to deliver the message in a group violence intervention, for a peer reviewed reference of the algorithm.