Additional Services CRIME De-Coder Offers

While I focused CRIME De-Coder branding on applications within policing – the data science tools I have used in policing can be applied to various domains. For example, I have provided consulting services in education (outcome evaluations), healthcare (dose response modeling), biology (non-linear regression modeling), and remote sensing (machine learning) in the past. (And this is not to mention other applications in criminal justice such as courts, corrections, and civil litigation.)

So here I detail other potential applications CRIME De-Coder can help many different companies with:

Statistical Code Conversion – CRIME De-Coder has experience writing statistical code in all of the major statistical packages; SAS, SPSS, Stata, R, and python. Many agencies want to convert their code bases from expensive paid for products (often SAS and SPSS) to free open source packages (python and R). While this is not saying you should always convert to open source (many Hadoop systems I have seen would be good use cases for a SAS or SPSS server), it makes sense for many agencies to do so. You can pay me 4 digits one time to convert your code, whereas your license probably costs you 5 to 6 digits per year. If you have a swamp of legacy code to convert, cleaning that up into a more professional code base is something I am quite good at.

Mathematical Modeling – Many data scientists list different models they have experience with. CRIME De-Coder could do that (it would be a long list), but that isn’t how I think companies should approach problems. You have a particular application – which will have various goals and constraints – and you want to design the mathematical model to meet those objectives. Do you want to build a predictive model? That may require deep learning, time series modeling, or different machine learning methods given your application, latency constraints, etc. Do you want to optimize site locations? That is more in the domain of operations research and mixed integer linear programming. Do you want to see if a program is effective? That is causal econometric modeling. I learn about your problem, and given my wide array of prior experience in scientific modeling, I can translate your needs to a tractable mathematical framework. As I said in the beginning, even though my background is in criminal justice, CRIME De-Coder has provided solutions to clients across many different scientific domains.

Data Visualization – There are two parts to data visualization: what do you want to visualize, and how do you effectively create that visualization. CRIME De-Coder has experience in generating visualizations for different audiences and different types of data (spatial, time series, networks). Contemporary data visualization goes beyond just generating the graph – there are many potential mediums to share that visualization. Do you want a static image, an interactive graphic in a webpage, or an entire dashboard with a suite of different graphics? Do you want to build an entire website to share your companies work (I have built this entire website myself). CRIME De-Coder can likely help in both the message and the medium of your scientific visualization.

Scientific Writing – Being able to produce advanced mathematical models is not worth much if you cannot effectively communicate those results to different individuals. In many real life applications this involves writing for different audiences (general public, other scientists) as well as in different mediums (e.g. blogposts, grant applications, peer-reviewed publications). Different applications that CRIME De-Coder has provided in the past are writing the methods proposals for grant applications (which may include power analyses and simulations), rewriting books for print to modern e-book formats, and generating automated regular statistical reports.

CRIME De-Coder can likely compete with traditional firms who specialize in particular applications. For example, if you look up websites that do e-book conversions, conversions for books that are not entirely plain text (e.g. if they include images, tables, mathematical notation) will typically run $4k or more. For less than that amount I can help you format a very nice e-book template, set up your workflow to generate the e-book, and have you do the final conversions yourself, saving you money in the end. With the online services, the final version of the e-book is static, whereas I will give you the tools to make changes yourself to the looks of the book.

Another example – professional website developers often charge $10k or more to build a website, and many of the common platforms are not well suited to hosting data visualizations. Based on your needs, CRIME De-Coder would be able to tell you what technology you need (is a static site sufficient, or do you need server side applications such as PHP and a database). And CRIME De-Coder can likely build a website to showcase your data visualizations for a price that is likely lower than those professional firms.

These are not the only services CRIME De-Coder can potentially provide, generally I can help with anything that needs to be automated with computer code. Part of the what makes my services different, is that I provide the final computer code in the end. Part of the reason I can provide cheaper services is I teach you how to use code to solve your problem.

So get in touch with CRIME De-Coder if you think I can help your company with any of these (or more) consulting services.