Data Science for Crime Analysis with Python is out

My self-published book on getting started with python, either as an epub or paperback, is now available for purchase (worldwide) at the CRIME De-Coder store.

Cover page for crime analysis with python book

The book contains not only a basic introduction to python, but also much more details on deploying python solutions in real life. That includes how to install and set up python environments, how to write modular functions, what a professional project structure looks like, and shows a final project example of generating an automated CompStat like PDF report. Besides the basics of python, it also has very detailed chapters on the data parts of python – pandas, matplotlib, SQL, and how to format tables and graphs in Jupyter notebooks. See the end of this post for a preview of the first two chapters of the book.

Training and Educators

For police departments, if you are interested in training to help your analysts learn python, feel free to get in touch.

For educators, let me know if you are interested in adopting this for your course (it would make sense for either an advanced undergraduate course or a graduate level programming course). I can provide discounts to your students if interested in purchasing in bulk.

Thank you to all who support my work and purchase a copy!

Here is a preview of the first two chapters (if on a phone, you can view the PDF directly here):