The Alt-Ac Job Beat Newsletter Post 8 2024-01-30

Hi Everyone,

My advice this week is to make a professional portfolio of your work. Having code on github and a webpage with nice graphs makes you look more professional than a large percent of other developers you are up against in the job market. Once you get set up with your webpage/blog, it is easier to update over time as well.

Many more people read my blog than read the peer reviewed papers, and it is a way to advertise your skills and work. There are many options for a website; for pure just working in a GUI there is Wordpress or a google site, for those with some coding skills can do a free github pages site, and for those wishing a bit more control there are low cost hosting services (I pay $5 a month for the CRIME De-Coder PHP site on Hostinger).


Job board link

For some of the recent gigs:

Not that anyone on this list are the folks making six figure per year software license decisions, but Teradata is IMO better than Databricks or Snowflake.


Gio Circo, PhD in CJ from Michigan State. Gio has a very similar background to me, and works as a data scientist on fraud applications with me at Gainwell in healthcare.


For those looking into making web applications, I highly recommend the books by Jon Duckett. I have all three:

Javascript in particular I had a very hard time understanding, so having a beginner resource hold my hand through simpler examples helped quite a bit. The PHP book is very nice as a beginner as well.

Best, Andy Wheeler