The Alt-Ac Job Beat Newsletter Post 14

Hi Everyone,

I am very behind! So only a quick post this week, and as of now I am going to just do a newsletter once a month. (Subject to change at my whims in the future.)

A quick piece of advice is don't overthink sending someone an email for whatever reason (to say hi, to say you like their work, to ask a question, etc.) Worst case is basically people won't respond (which is fine, people are not obligated to respond). But many people will, and putting yourself out there for the not much effort of sending an email can be worth it.


Job board link

For some of the recent gigs:

Given I am going to monthly, this will become less useful as a real time log for jobs. I suggest it more to identify potential companies you may be interested in and get a feel for salary ranges of different roles.


Docker is a tool to create a virtual environment according to a specific set of standards. For example, an image of Ubuntu with python version 3.10 and xyz libraries.

It is somewhat beyond typical academic projects (having a requirements.txt for python or equivalent for R is IMO sufficient to be "reproducible environment"), but is a generally useful slightly more advanced tech skill.

This tutorial is my favorite introduction, Docker Curriculum.

Best, Andy Wheeler