Tech Talk on License Plate Readers

I will be giving a talk on Automated License Plate Readers at an event for the Libertarian Party of Wake County on July 17th in Raleigh.

Wake Libertarian Snake Camera

For a preview, you can see my slides here.

The use of technology in policing is often not presented in a way that lay individuals can really understand how it is used (and potentially abused). This lack of knowledge tends to lead to inane critiques or endorsement of the technology. Tech can be used for good or bad, and I believe it is important for state agencies to describe how it is used, whether it is effective, and take steps to mitigate harms that may come from such systems.

Policing tech does not need to be opaque; whether it is license plate readers, acoustic gun shot systems, CCTV, facial recognition, or predictive policing systems, etc., departments should be able to have conversations with their local community on how they legitimately use these tools to keep them safe and help the police do their jobs more efficiently.